About Joy

bannerMy mother once told me, as I asked what to wear for a Sixties Day at school, that she figured she’d missed the 1960s. “I was too busy running barefoot after my babies on the Navajo reservation to pay attention to the world,” she admitted.  What could be more hippy than that, even if my dad did work for The Man, teaching math at a BIA school? Born in the summer of ’69 as the only Anglo and only girl in the little hospital nursery, I grew up to run barefoot after my own children; chasing them around various youth camps in Colorado, Costa Rica, and Mexico while my husband has shared his love for facilitating experiential learning activities.

Of our three little chickens only one remains at home, the only son and the only one we got to choose, through the amazing miracle of adoption. This kid has graciously allowed me to steal a few thoughts and tweak a few anecdotes to help bring the fictional Timber James Clayson to life as he also tackles the burden of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, or FASD. The eldest daughter, as a Spanish teacher, makes good use of her elementary and secondary education growing up in Morelos and Oaxaca. She’s married to a handsome Colorado State Trooper. The middle child, by her own “writes” an amazing poet and novelist, is honing her God-given gifts at Champlain College in Vermont, where supposedly dwell more writers per capita than anywhere else in the galaxy. I am a 1991 graduate of Goshen College and back in 1987 graduated from Englewood High School as Joy Sager.

Raising Timber  is available on Amazon, through sandhbooks.com and through any bookseller!

When lightning strikes Lainey Clayson her son Timber is convinced she has been granted super powers. She could certainly use some, navigating the journey of raising her son, helping her husband begin a new business, and simply trying to live a good life in their little cabin in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies.

The novel touches on themes of adoption, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (nofas.org) and addiction (celebraterecovery.com) It is set in imaginary locations near Bailey, Colorado, (bailey-colorado.org) and is peopled with made-up characters.

Chases Echoes [working title] is my current project, following the Clayson family and friends some four years down the road.


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